About Sun Art Retail

History & Milestones


28th April
  • RT-Mart's first warehouse paid membership store, M club, was officially opened in Yangzhou.
31st March
  • The Group had a total of 14 standard fresh produce processing centers (“FPPCs”), covering a majority of stores nationwide.
  • Nearly 200 stores of the Group have started using clean electricity.


  • Completed a total of 20 rooftop photovoltaic power construction projects.
  • Four environmental targets were formulated in FY22 ESG report, and the Group committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.
  • Developed private label capabilities from zero to one.
3rd March
  • The Group established a governance structure consisting of the Board, the ESG Management Committee and the ESG Working Group.
14th January
  • The Group announced the official opening of the first remodeling version 2.0 store, which was an important beginning of the remodeling transformation.


31st December
  • The Group opened 500th stores.
1st Fabruary
  • The Group’s first self-operated FPPC in Nantong was opened, which was an important beginning to strengthen the capability development of the fresh supply chain.


  • As of 31 December 2020, the Group opened six RT-Supers, the superstore model is basically matured.
  • As of 31 December 2020, the Group opened 24 mini stores, continue to optimize and improve the mini store model.
11th November
  • The Group set a new DOPS record exceeding 2,900 for the first time on “double 11” day.
19th October
  • Taobao China announced the completion of acquiring 70.94% of A-RT’s issued share capital. A-RT holds approximately 51.00% of the issued share capital of Sun Art Retail and therefore has become the ultimate controlling shareholder of the Group.


  • Half-day-delivery service of “Tmall Supermarket Inventory Sharing” start online
  • By the end of September 2019, all Sun Art stores had launched a one-hour-delivery-to-home service upon the "Inventory Sharing" initiative.
  • The Group started to pilot Supermarket project.
  • Kick-off of ‘Community Group Purchase’ initiative
End of April
  • The integration of the two banners was initially completed.
  • The Group completed the restructuring of the first hypermarket.
End of February
  • A joint operation headquarter was established.


  • The Group announced the integration of our two banners.
  • Over 200 “Auchan Minute” boxes have been rolled out.
  • 2 pilot stores rolled out Tao Xian Da project, an 1-hour delivery project cooperated with Taobao.
  • Tmall Corner Project Launched in RT-mart banner of Eastern China


20th November
  • Alibaba Group Holding Limited, Auchan Retail S.A. and Ruentex Group announced a strategic alliance in November. Alibaba Group obtained an aggregate direct and indirect stake of 36.168% in Sun Art Retail.
1st September
  • Auchan Minute”, an unmanned convenient box was launched in Shanghai.
  • An stand alone APP named “RT-mart Fresh”, a concept of 1-hour delivery from store to customer home within 3-kilometer radius of each store mostly covering fresh and FMCG categories, was launched in July 2017.
26th May
  • The Group disclosed its first ESG report.


  • The Group invested in Fields (www.fieldschina.com), an e-commerce site targeted at high-end consumers
1st December
  • The Group opened its 4th hundred store
  • The Group's first rooftop photovoltaic power construction was completed.


  • Feiniu.com commenced operation in January


  • the Group established an e-commerce platform feiniu.com
  • Yearly opening reached 50 hypermarket complex
15th November
  • The Group opened its 3rd hundred store


27th July
  • IPO in HK market as one of the largest hypermarket complex operated in China
22nd July
  • The Group opened its 2nd hundred store


29th November
  • The Group opened its 1st hundred store


  • In 2000, recognizing the potential synergistic benefits their two banners could achieve, Groupe Auchan and Ruentex decided to enter into a joint venture arrangement to operate the “Auchan” and “RT-Mart” banners in China together. The Group was established on 13 December 2000 to carry out the vision to develop the market leader in the hypermarket sector in China.


  • The Group operates its hypermarket business under two well-recognized banners - being the “Auchan” and “RT-Mart” banners. “RT-Mart” and “Auchan” opened their first hypermarkets in Shanghai in 1998 and 1999, respectively.

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